Help! My Domain Name has Expired!!!

December 17, 2016



Has this ever happened to you before?

Most times when we purchase that preferred Domain we have always wanted, we leave the rest to our Web guys to sort out. This is always a very dangerous step and always has its repercussions. Especially if you have a Domain name that you cannot afford to lose.

Lets walk through the process of expiration. In any case, before the domain name expires a mail will be sent reminding you that your domain will soon expire. Now who receives this mail is also important, is it your Web Manager, You or its the two parties that get to receive this Information? Ideally, If you have a web Manager, they are supposed to send you an email informing you that the Domain name will soon expire and you will need to renew.

Back to the process.

Once Your Domain name expires, it goes into a three(3) stage period called the Redemption Grace Period (RGP). During this period you are still able to redeem your domain name. If not, then it is deleted and returned back into the market space to be sold again.

The First stage. As soon as your domain name expires, you will be given 29 days of “free”RGP.  Your Domain name can be renewed at the normal standard rates on DocHosts. Once you have renewed payment, your Domain name will be activated. This activation process may take between 1-72 hours due to DNS propagation.

*Some domain extensions provide less than the standard 29 day period*. 

The Second stage. Your Domain name enters the “paid” RGP at the expiration of the 29 days “free” RGP. At this time the domain has left DocHosts control and is now being managed by ICANN. When a domain name expires, the website will show an advertisement page set by ICANN. Your domain is then placed into auction and can be obtained almost immediately after removal.

The Third Stage. The auction comes to an end and If there are no bidders in the expired domain name auction, the domain name is listed in a closeout auction. At this stage too the close out auction ends with or without a bidder. Then the name is finally listed back to the registry.

If you have a Domain name that you cannot afford to lose, then always been sure to be on the look out for when it will expire. There are different websites you can check to confirm, is one. Just type in your URL and you will see all the information you need. And if you can afford it, pay for as long as 5 to 10 years. Asking if it’s possible? Of course it is!

In conclusion, Your Domain is one of the important part of your Online experience as a brand. Infact, it is the entrance into your world of the Internet of things. If your Online experience is very important to you, then you will have to make it top priority by keeping track.



Nkiruka Ilewi

Nkiruka Ilewi is a User Experience Web Designer.
She is very passionate about helping Individuals & organizations grow and maximize their Online Presence.
She can be reached on twitter @nkyru | IG @nkyrudoc