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January 16, 2017



Welcome once again to a spectacular 2017!
As a Blogger, how ready are you to explore the world of the “Internet of  Things” via your writings???

Are You ready?

Great, Lets dig in…

DocHosts hosting Blog Plans are available in what we call “Combo Plans“.
You ask, what kind of “Combo Plans”?
DocHosts Combo plans includes purchasing your preferred Domain name (what name Your Blog site will bear), Hosting the Blog site and then Developing and Designing your blog site!

Now, isn’t that grand?

We have very easy and simple steps for you to follow:

  1. Click Order Now on any of our plans. And the plans include Basic Plan | Plus Plan | Pro Plan.
  2. Choose a domain…

You could want to transfer your domain name from another registrar.
Use an existing domain name and just update the name-server.
The image below should be your guide…



3.  Review & CheckOut.
* Please Note: Make sure it is the product option you want that has been selected. If there are any additions you do not want, kindly delete with the x button. Leaving only something that looks like the image below…

4. CheckOut!
Here, kindly input both personal and billing information. Just like what we have in the image below…


Once you have gone through these processes then you are as good as finished. You will know you are done when you see something like this…

And this…..

Immediately payment is verified, a welcome mail will be sent to the email made available in the billings section, followed by the customer invoice and then Confirmation Order. After which one of the customer care representative will call to find out more informations on what designs the Blog site will have. This Customer service agent will be your account officer.

And within a matter of days your Blog site is up and running!

So what are you waiting for? Follow link to get started NOW!!!

Nkiruka IlewiNkiruka Ilewi is a User Experience Web Designer.
She is very passionate about helping Individuals & organizations grow and maximize their Online Presence.
She can be reached on twitter @nkyru | IG @nkyrudoc